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Pest Control Galway provides pest control services to all areas of Galway city and county.

We have over 20 years experience in dealing with all pest control issues.

Our Technicians are highly experienced and have been trained by the British Pest Control Association, The Irish Pest Control Association and University College Cork. All our Technicians have received extensive health and safety training, and our company is fully registered and insured.

If you are having an issue with pests in your home, contact us instantly, because we are here to offer you a guaranteed solution to your problem.

We will offer you a professional, affordable and discreet service, using unmarked vans or uniforms.


Spring Summer Pest News

Thankfully rodent activity is decreasing but there are still some about. The increase in temperatures has heralded the arrival of Ants, Millipedes, Woodlice and other crawling insects. As the summer progresses Flies and Wasps will become more active. Treat Wasps nests early to avoid large numbers and nasty stings. Remember whilst on holiday and staying in various different types of accommodation be careful to avoid bringing Bed Bugs back to your home. If you have any concerns contact us for more advice.

Services Available

Rats and Mice

Rat extermination Galway

Our rodent control process has been refined over the years and includes the following steps


We endeavour to find the nest or nests, and we then treat these areas directly with a suitable insecticide. We make every effort to find the entry points and seal them on the day; we then carry out a complete spray treatment of the property and its external areas.

Ant Extermination Galway

Cluster Flies (winter flies)

Fly extermination Galway

These flies enter buildings in late autumn or winter in an effort to find a suitable area for hibernation, they are generally seen around velux windows or roof spaces .These insects are controlled by using a fogging machine which creates an insecticidal fog that permeates all areas of the roof space.


Wasps nests can be immediately destroyed by using an insecticidal dust which is delivered by a telescopic lance, this reduces the risks associated with using ladders.



Fly extermination Galway

There are numerous different types of flies and these can be controlled by denying access and using chemical controls or Electric Fly Killer (EFK) Units.

Bedbugs, Fleas and Mites

We have extensive experience in dealing with these parasites. After surveying your property and obtaining all relevant information, a treatment programme will be specifically designed for your property.

bedbug treatments galway

Other Insects

We also treat all other pest insects, including booklice, centipedes, silverfish, cockroaches and stored product insects. Other pest insects can also be identified and treated.

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